On Drug Companies Financing the FDA (yes, really)

https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/02/opinion/fda-drug-approval-trust.html?searchResultPosition=1 By Farhad Manjoo Opinion Columnist In the early 1960s, an unflappable Food and Drug Administration scientist named Frances Kelsey spared the nation from the horrors of thalidomide. The drug had become popular around the world as a remedy for a variety of ailments, including morning sickness in pregnant women. Although there had not been many studies of [...]

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Private Equity Is Ruining American Healthcare

Short read but helpful in understanding the conflicts of interest inherent in the healthcare landscape.   PE plays a valuable role but like all other industries, buyer beware. Some of the associated links are worth the investment of time.....the more you know, the more you know  ;-) Private Equity Is Ruining American Healthcare | MedPage Today

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Davita and Fresenius….a Monopoly?

Dialysis is big business!  For those in the know, the market is dominated by two entities:  Davita and Fresenius, and they continue to expand their stranglehold on the market.  Makes you wonder at what point does this monopoly get recognized by big brother? Freakonomics did a great job (as usual) summarizing the market and highlighting [...]

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Milliman Whitepaper on Direct Primary Care Models

4-5-21-Milliman - Direct-Primary-Care - Actuarial Study This is a a worthwhile read to remind us of the key considerations of these models, and to help align our expectations of their potential, in both improvements in quality of care, and potential savings/cost increases of Direct Primary Care models.  A more comprehensive, detailed study would have been [...]

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Promoting Health – Your Secret SuperPower (Ted Talk)

Why is adopting healthier behaviors so difficult for many of us? Health equity leader and orthopedic surgeon Mary O’Connor, MD, explores what contributes to our health and well-being as well as the power of community and emotional connection with others to support healthy change. She challenges us to recognize our responsibility and privilege to shape [...]

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