U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines 2017

These Federal Poverty Guidelines offer critical information to benefit consultants to better assist them with helping people in need, such as: On the Federal Exchanges, the House Hold income determines a member's eligibility for subsidizes and cost cost sharing (many people still don't understand how this works) Practically all Pharmaceutical Companies are required to off [...]

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Another Court Enforces DOL’s Electronic SPD Rules

Story found at: http://www.benefitsinbrief.com/article/another-court-enforces-dols-electronic-spd-rules  (Benefits Brief) At some point, as electronic communication becomes the norm – and as paper virtually disappears from the workplace – we will surely see a softening of the conditions imposed by the Department of Labor (“DOL”) on the electronic distribution of summary plan descriptions (“SPDs”).  But a recent decision by a [...]

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BCBS of Michigan is Hot Water over Hidden Fees

This will have some long-term consequences for the industry but makes a good case for Self Funding with an Independent TPA & Independent Network Solution.  Blue Cross was essentially doing what is common practice in the PBM industry - paying the service provider one amount while billing the Plan Sponsor a much higher amount and [...]

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How PEOs Differ from Employee Leasing Firms

PEOs Professional employer organizations (PEOs) enable clients to cost-effectively outsource the management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll and workers' compensation. PEO clients focus on their core competencies to maintain and grow their bottom line. Who uses a PEO? Any business can find value in a PEO relationship. An average client of a PEO member [...]

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Opinion: MEWAs vs Group Captives

Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA): Group of unrelated employers form a coalition to gain greater economy of scale in offering health benefits to their respective employees – can be fully insured or self funded and tends to be state specific Troubled past – organizers frequently used ERISA preemption clause as a shield against State Regulators [...]

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Why Do We Fall

Great motivational video, for both sports and business alike.  The road of success is littered with failures......ask any CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or an athlete in the Hall of Fame.  It's hard to get back up and fight after you've been kicked in the teeth repeatedly but success is a game of inches......he [...]

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